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Fast, Flexible Automated Text Messaging

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Automate Text Messages by…

Automated Text Messaging

Automated Text Messaging

Automated Text Messaging

Real-Time Response

Trigger a welcome text for every new incoming lead, from any source. Pass contact information and a number to call your company back. If you can’t reach the lead by phone, you can often start a dialogue using text messaging.

Lead Status

Send customized text messages based your lead’s status or results of a call. For example, if a lead requests information, you could send a link to a document by simply marking the lead’s status as “Send Info”.

Drip Intervals

Send text messages to leads using your preferred intervals. For example, send a text after 5 hours, and if there’s no response, send another a week later, and another two weeks after that.

Automated Text Messages Deliver
a Far Better Customer Experience

Automated Text Messaging
Target Campaigns or Channels

Choose which marketing channels or vendors you would like to send text messages to and send a customized text message to each one. You could even send a text message from landing pages, giving you hyper-targeted control over marketing messages and higher conversion with leads.

Automated Text Messaging
Easily Create Workflows

Allow certain users to control text messaging interactions and assign them to agents or sales reps for follow up on once a conversation has begun, or simply keep text messaging manages by just a few people.

Automated Text Messaging
Save Time with Templates

Create standard pre-crafted text messages to respond to common questions and inquiries. Deliver documentation, addresses, contact info, support or sales information. You may never have to type a text message again!

Automated Text Messaging
Assign Agents Automatically

Ricochet text messaging can automatically assign a text conversation to the agent managing the lead so they can take over after the first automated text message has been sent.

Automated Text Messaging
Respond Quickly

Receive fast, subtle, on-screen notifications window when new text replies come in from leads or customers. Agents can respond within seconds using a standard or custom reply message.

Automated Text Messaging
Keep Inbound Callers Engaged

If your agent is unavailable or on a previous call, Ricochet can simply send a text response to an inbound caller. Let them know you will call back or ask for alternate times for a return call.