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What Clients and Partners Say

Call Leads Faster with Ricochet –
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Speed to Contact works with clients and partners from a broad range of industries, including mortgage & banking, insurance, solar energy, healthcare and general sales. We strive to help each customer call leads faster and reach leads first. Here are what a few of our valued customers and partners say about Ricochet.

Owen Raun - Patriot Bank

We have one word to describe Ricochet… WOW!

The speed to contact is like no other system I’ve used.

Rick Doyle, LeadMailbox

Speed-to-Contact automates the whole dialing process for you. We highly recommend you give it a try!

Patrick Wilkes, Business.com

Speed-to-Contact exploded our contact rates. You can quote me on that!

Nelson Daluz, New Penn Financial

We’ve increased our contacts on the first call from less than 5% to over 30% and overall contacts from 20% to over 60%.

Owen Raun


Rick Doyle


Patrick Wilkes


Nelson DaLuz

New Penn Financial