Boost Sales Productivity
with Our Cloud Phone System

Ricochet’s Phone System and Dialers save agents
time while increasing contact and conversion rates.

Make the Most of Your Sales Team’s Calling Plan

Ricochet’s Predictive Dialer will set your sales team up for success.
Make more calls in less time, maximizing productivity with no extra effort (in fact, it’s less!).

Maximize Calling

No answer, busy signals and uninterested parties do not drive strong sales. Ricochet’s Predictive Dialer ensures that agents are productive, making more calls than ever.

Contact More Leads

Ricochet automatically organizes your lead data, customer history and call back information. Your agents will be on the phone at the right time with the right people, as often as possible.

Increase Sales

A combination of motivated agents, smarter calls, and receptive customers can help drive sales. You increase both the quantity and quality of calls, which ultimately leads to better revenue.

Ricochet by Speed to Contact

The Fastest All-in-One Dialer and

Marketing Automation Platform

Ricochet System Highlights

Skills Based Calling Queues

Have your best agents make calls to your best leads by region and time, maximizing production and results.

Predictive & Progressive Dialers

Make more real connections to leads than ever before with Ricochet’s predictive and progressive dialers.

Call Transfers

Have a few team members call on leads and transfer them to your best salespeople when they are ready to talk.

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