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Take Your Lead Management to the Next Level

Ricochet’s next-generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides the foundation you need for your sales team to target, contact and track their progress with leads.

Increase Contact Rates

Lead to call response times are critical for converting online prospects to sales, and most sales go to the business who makes the first phone call to an interested lead. Ricochet’s CRM and Dialer make it easy to connect.

Improve Conversions

Ricochet provides dozens of powerful tools to help you go from lead to sale. From drip dialing to adaptable call scripts to social media integration, your sales team will be able to build trust & rapport with prospects.

Track Your Progress

Ricochet’s analytics for sales management monitors key metrics. From granular levels like how many calls were made by an agent to high levels like optimum call duration for closing deals, you’ll know what’s happening.

Ricochet by Speed to Contact

The Fastest All-in-One Dialer and

Marketing Automation Platform

Ricochet System Highlights

Capture & Track Leads

Capture leads in real time from our integrated partners, then keep your agents super-productive and successful. Fast, accurate, and easy for anyone to use.

Automate Lead Assignment

Ricochet can distribute leads to your sales teams based on skills, availability or pooling. Provide faster, high quality response to maximize conversions.

Develop Call Campaigns

Make sure leads are called quickly and regularly. Agents don’t even have to dial the phone – Ricochet does everything but speak!

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