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Ricochet Dialer Demo Video


Ricochet by Speed to Contact

The All-in-One Dialer, CRM &
Marketing Automation Platform

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Everything You Need with ONE Login

call transfering

Cloud Phone System & Dialer

If you want to beat your competitors to incoming leads, Ricochet provides the fastest commercial dialer available. Call more leads than ever with our new multi-line dialer.


CRM & Lead Management System

Easily manage all your prospects, calls, emails and more with Ricochet’s easy-to-use, full-featured contact and lead management system.


Marketing Automation Platform

Streamline time-consuming marketing and sales tasks with intelligent call, email  and sms campaigns that are directly integrated with your Ricochet dialer.


Inbound Call Tracking & IVR System

Route and track your inbound phone calls to specialized sales teams or hunt groups with screen pop notifications.  Utilize our fully featured call routing to increase control of your inbound call traffic and maximize results with all your inbound marketing efforts.

Fast & Secure Enterprise Grade Performance



Second response time calling fresh leads.
Beat your competitors to the phone call every time.



Uptime service level guarantee.
Hosted on Amazon AWS, the #1 cloud host.



Easy to configure settings.
Ricochet will provide you flexibility with a sharp intuitive interface.
complete drip marketing automation

Let Your Software Do
The Heavy Lifting

Agents no longer have to manually send a text or email to follow up unless they want to.  With RICOCHETS all-in-one marketing automation software, all they have to do is status a lead after a call.  Then an entire marketing workflow will begin generating you more leads with less effort.

Intelligent Phone Notifications

With screen pops you’ll know immediately who’s calling so your sales team can smoothly transition into the call.


Compliance & Peace Of Mind

Provide the support your team needs with our Listen, Barge, & Chat features.
Just click to listen to the call, then provide smooth guidance without disturbing the caller or your agent.

monitor and chat

Ready for a Free Dialer or CRM Demo?

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Gain Immediate Insight
& Control into Every Activity

With real-time reporting, you will have immediate insight into who is on the phone, at lunch, or busy.  You can track your entire team activities at any point in time.  Also with call queue controls you’ll gain access to what types of calls a user makes or receives, all with the click of a button.

Rocket Dialer Background

Ready for Lift Off with
Your Sales & Marketing?

We can show you the speed and power of Ricochet with a
brief online presentation. We’ll answer questions and show you
how easily you can get started.

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