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Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems and How They Work for Business and Call Centers

Hosted predictive dialer systems work by looking at how many agents you have logged in, making a certain amount of phone calls, patching consumers when they pick up the phone to available agents, and predicting how many agents will be available using a simple algorithm. Below we outline the different variables of a hosted predictive dialer system and how they are used.


Concurrent Call Ratios

Most hosted predictive dialer systems allow you to go into a three-to-one or a five-to-one or a seven-to-one concurrent call ratio. What that means is that for each agent that you have, it will call a certain number of phone lines simultaneously. Let’s say if you’re on a three-to-one call ratio then it will call three leads or consumers per agent. So if you have 10 agents, you would be making 30 phone calls in that example.

Now some platforms will allow you to control that on your own and others will intelligently manage the concurrent call ratios to bring those call ratios down to appropriate levels so you don’t go over your abandonment rate.


Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate is the number of consumers that pick up the phone and then they are not connected to an agent. The consumer is usually played a message and then the call is dropped. That is a red flag and it is counted towards your overall abandonment rate.

Each campaign should be tracked separately over a 30-day period and the abandonment rate cannot be over three percent. It is very important to watch your abandonment rate and make sure that you follow those guidelines.


Campaigns and List Management

Some hosted predictive dialer systems allow you to upload a list and begin calling through the entire list. You may want to do filtering prior to uploading a list such as assigning numbers territories, or any other conditions that may help optimize the list.

Some systems can be much more sophisticated. They allow you to upload and filter a list. An example would be that you define the amount of a loan, where the person is located, or what product they were interested in. You could have certain call center agents call certain leads and other filters get matched with other agents.

RICOCHET hosted predictive dialer systems are even more sophisticated and allow you to set priorities and filters based on the call type, lead type and campaign. You can even have percentage based distribution of calls towards each campaign. You could assign 80 percent towards campaign A and 20 percent towards towards campaign B. There is really an infinite amount of breakdown that can be applied.


Number of Optimal Agents

To get the optimal use from hosted predictive dialer systems, we do not recommend that you have less than ten agents but you could set it up with five or more. In order to take full advantage of a predictive dialer you will need to have enough available agents so as calls are going out they are able to be patched when a contact picks up.

If only five agents are available you are going to want to make sure that they are all logged in to the predictive dialer at the exact same time. Depending on the quality of your list, time of the day, or day of the week you may have more consumers picking up than at other times and you will need to make adjustments or use an intelligent dialer system that can do that for your call center team.

So you really need to make sure that you have your agents there to answer those calls. With the RICOCHET dialer system for example it will adjust the concurrent call ratio depending on how many agents you have logged in at the same time.


Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems

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