Manage Leads Smarter

with Inbound Call Tracking

Assign your best sales people to the right inbound leads.

Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Inbound Leads

Make sure inbound leads get the treatment they deserve. Ricochet has it covered.
Provide fast, friendly response with the best agents using phone trees, social integration and optimal sales queues.

Show You’re Best

Send inbound leads to your perfect sales queues for fast, knowledgeable response. Then make it personal with social media integration, making your customer experience superior to anyone else.

Make Epic Recordings

Ricochet’s cloud phone system gives you the power of recording – whether you are a manager who wants to record agents’ calls for review or an agent who needs to provide the perfect voicemail to keep leads interested.

Motivate Your Team

Ricochet includes gamification, which drives your agents to excel and helps management keep an eye on results. With so many features to make selling faster, easier and more effective, your team will deliver!

Ricochet by Speed to Contact

The Fastest All-in-One Dialer and

Marketing Automation Platform

Ricochet System Highlights

Skills Based Calling Queues

Have your best agents take each call. Design who should receive leads to ensure the best customer experience.

Call Center Scripts

Ricochet offers flexible scripting for inbound calls – build a custom workflow to provide a smooth interaction while collecting useful customer information.

Call Forwarding

You have complete control over where you receive inbound calls, using your office phone system, mobile phone or computer at the same time!

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