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Boost Your Agency Sales

Ricochet combines the fastest dialer with a comprehensive CRM
and lead management system to help you sell more effectively.

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Ricochet is the All-In-One Dialer, CRM &
Marketing Automation Platform

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Cloud Phone System & Dialer

Boost Sales Productivity with Our Cloud Phone System & Dialer

Ricochet’s Phone System and Dialers save agents time while increasing contact and conversion rates. Ricochet’s Predictive Dialer will set your sales team up for success. Make more calls in less time, maximizing productivity with no extra effort (in fact, it’s less!).

See the Complete Picture with CRM & Lead Management

Streamline sales and deliver a better customer experience. Easily manage all your prospects, calls, emails and more with Ricochet’s easy-to-use, full-featured contact and lead management system.  Increase contact rates to convert online prospects to sales. Your sales team will be able to build trust & rapport with prospects.

Cloud Phone System & Dialer
Cloud Phone System & Dialer

Manage Leads Smarter with Inbound Call Tracking

Assign your best sales people to the right inbound leads. Streamline sales and deliver a better customer experience. Route and track your inbound phone calls to specialized sales teams or hunt groups. Increase control of your inbound call traffic and maximize results with all your inbound marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation Drives New Business

Ricochet helps nurture leads in your pipeline. Streamline time-consuming marketing and sales tasks with intelligent call, email and sms campaigns that are directly integrated with your Ricochet dialer.

Cloud Phone System & Dialer


Contact the right lead at the right time.

Send inbound leads to your perfect sales queues for fast, knowledgeable response. Create a customer experience superior to anyone else.

Manage inbound and nurture outbound.

Ricochet provides powerful tools to help you go from lead to sale. Your sales team will be able to build trust & rapport with prospects.

Track everything with ease & accuracy.

System analytics for sales management monitors key metrics, from granular to high levels so you’ll always know what’s happening.


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