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Marketing Automation

Drives New Business

Ricochet helps nurture leads in your pipeline.

Increase Conversions with Personalized Messages

Ricochet’s Marketing Automation system helps you regularly communicate the right messages to the right audience.
Nurture your leads, support existing sales pipelines, improve customer retention and increase your revenue.

Be More Visible

Leads close faster and generate more revenue when they are nurtured. Ricochet’s Marketing Automation lets you create drip campaigns and status-driven contact points to shorten sales cycles and improve funnels.

Choose the Right Platform

Whether your leads prefer email, text messages or phone calls, Ricochet can do them all. With marketing automation, you create the campaigns and let the system do the work. Keep prospects informed and engaged.

Learn from Campaigns

When you combine marketing automation with analytics, you can track the results – and if they are less than you hope, you can make adjustments to tune messaging and timing to optimize your conversion rates.

Ricochet by Speed to Contact

The Fastest All-in-One Dialer and

Marketing Automation Platform

Ricochet System Highlights

Custom Call Scheduling

Want to ensure leads are called at least 10 times, or 3 times one day and 2 times on another? Drip-Dial executes call plans for you.

Targeted Calling Campaigns

Create a hyper-targeted drip dial calling campaign with specific lead types to call for each agent.

Automated Text Messaging

SMS just went hands-free… Send text messages based on schedules, status or a campaign to nurture your sales funnels.

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