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Management Team


Beau Bratton
Beau BrattonFounder & CEO
Beau leads all aspects of the product vision including: design, development, sales, & marketing. He has a strong passion for customer service and automation. In his spare time he enjoys learning new languages, traveling, and playing golf.
Brayan Rastelli
Brayan RastelliSr. Web Developer
Brayan can write code with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back. He has published educational books on programming, and you might find him playing FIFA 2015 in his spare time.
Kristyna Dankova
Kristyna DankovaCustomer Service Manager
Kristyna is the glue that keeps it all together. From making sure we have a world class system for tracking your needs to building out new customer service initiatives she makes sure you get what you need when you need it.
Jaeson Lee
Jaeson LeeDirector of Account Management
Ricochet users are in good hands with Jaeson. He is a knowledgeable IT professional who can talk with users of all technical abilities and get their issues addressed.
Scott Herring
Scott HerringDirector of Marketing
Scott doesn’t sleep much. And when he does, it’s usually about split testing, value propositions and other (very boring to most people) technical marketing topics.
Steve Delcarson
Steve DelcarsonBoard Member
Steve has been a long time mentor of Speed to Contact and a member of the board. As a senior operating executive with diverse industry and functional expertise Steve has helped our team make the right decisions to attain operational excellence.
Todd Rizzardi
Todd RizzardiPartner
Todd…AKA Mr. Zen & Smooth Operator. Todd helps make things happen and writes a blog on occasion. You can also catch him playing ice hockey 2-3 times per week. Go Kings!
Robert Byers
Robert ByersTelephonic Server Specialist & Board Member
Robert designed our first high-end telephonic servers over three years ago that we still use today for our Phone1st Platform. He currently acts as an advisor and support for any telephonic innovation needs.