Helpful Tools & Technology

Ricochet Partner Network

Speed-to-Contact has created a network of qualified partners for the purpose of providing added value to our client’s Ricochet needs. We carefully select complementing products and services that are either directly integrated with Ricochet already or are highly relevant to the type of lead generation activities that we promote.

Lead Vendors

One of the most common questions we hear is “Who should I buy my internet leads from?” We understand this is an important decision and quality should always be your first concern. Based on our experience we recommend you consider our list of lead vendors scored on quality, consistency, and ethics.

As a Ricochet client, you will also have a reporting system included with your account so you can stack and rank your lead vendors and make more informed marketing decisions on a shorter cycle.

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Lead Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management

A Lead Management System (LMS), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a key component to any profitable business buying or generating Internet leads. It’s also an important tool for every sales professional to keep track of their clients and contacts.

Speed-to-Contact’s 1st Call product can be successfully integrated with almost any major CRM to dramatically improve your lead response process. If you are currently using one of our partner’s CRMs we encourage you to consider signing up for a free trial and see the results for yourself!

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