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Ricochet Pricing

Customize Ricochet to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Ricochet is a modular system — choose individual components or combine them for our All-in-One solution.

Just want a phone system? Start simple. Need a robust CRM? Get Ricochet CRM. Want faster dialing? Add one of the Ricochet Fast Dialers.

Ricochet Fast Dialer Solutions

If you want maximum performance, add one of the Ricochet Fast Dialers to your setup. Our patent-pending auto-dialer technology optimizes your calling time like no other system – dial smarter, faster and easier. Ricochet Fast Dialers require Ricochet CRM.

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À La Carte Add-Ons

You can include all Ricochet Add-Ons in a bundle for $400 (over $875 value) per month. Pricing is for the global account (not per user).

Optional Enterprise Solutions

The following solutions can be added to Ricochet (not included or available in bundle pricing).

Premium Support Service

All Ricochet customers are eligible for our free basic support plan. For those who prefer predictable, proactive coverage, we offer a comprehensive Premium Support option to get the most value from your Ricochet investment. Sign up anytime – billing is monthly and renews automatically (you can cancel at monthly renewal).

Service Standard Support Premium Support
Regular Support Hours Monday-Friday 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pacific Time Monday-Friday 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pacific Time
Knowledge Base
Chat Support
Online Ticket Submission
Telephone Support Up to 3 calls
Up to 30 minutes
Representative Help Desk Dedicated Account Manager
Help Desk
Configuration Services Onboarding Application Dedicated Account Manager
Onboarding Application
Proactive Consultations

Speed to Contact - Ricochet

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