Strategies for Creating Statuses in Your CRM or Dialer


Beau Bratton, founder and CEO of Speed to Contact, describes the advantages and disadvantages of how you set up your CRM status codes for your sales team. Can you have too many? Yes, but you can also have too few… Find out what the trade-offs are and how you can get more from your systems and sales effort.


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Major Ricochet Updates


Our team has been hard at work building exciting new features and working countless hours to ensure greater system stability and highest performance possible. We’re excited how things have turned out and we want to share some of the latest enhancements that are now available to you. If you would like to get a demonstration or activate new services, please give us a call us at 866-678-1288.



In ...

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The Different Types of Dialers for Business and Call Centers to Contact Leads

You have a few different options when selecting a dialer for your business or call center. There are three main types of dialers, which have individual strengths and weaknesses. We have outlined the three types of dialers for contacting leads below and provided details regarding how each one may be best suited for your business or call center:

  1. Preview or Power Dialer
  2. Progressive Dialer
  3. Predictive Dialer

Preview or Power Dialers

The preview or power dialer is the slowest dialer. It calls on a ...

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