Creating Statuses in Your CRM or Dialer

Strategies for Creating Status Codes in Your CRM or Dialer Hello, my name is Beau Bratton. I’m the founder and general manager of Speed to Contact in Torrance, California. Our website is We’re the makers of Ricochet, the fastest dialer, CRM and marketing automation platform on the [...]

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4 Essential Features of a Small Business CRM

CRM software was originally designed for corporations and large businesses. Eventually, small and midsize mainstream businesses came to recognize the power that a solid lead management or CRM system provides. In many cases, the complex solutions that accommodate large businesses simply do not work for smaller companies. Small business CRMs [...]

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The Different Types of Sales Dialers for Call Centers to Contact Leads

When selecting between dialers for your business or call center, you have a few different options. There are three main types of dialers, which each have strengths and weaknesses. We outline these three types of dialers for contacting sales leads and provide details regarding how each one may be best suited for your business or call center.

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