What Is a Marketing Automation Platform?

Textbook Definition of a Marketing Automation Platform A marketing automation platform is typically software designed to provide computer processes that execute marketing tasks and workflows. The goal of marketing automation is to create an efficient and effective way of interacting with prospects and customers. The best marketing automation platforms [...]

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Strategies for Creating Statuses in Your CRM or Dialer

  Today's subject will be about strategies for creating statuses in your CRM or dialer. Beau Bratton, founder and CEO of Speed to Contact, describes the advantages and disadvantages of how you set up your CRM status codes for your sales team. Can you have too many? Yes, but you [...]

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The Golden Minute: The Race to Call Leads First

In the 12th century, Sultan Nur-ed-din constructed the first pigeon lofts in Egypt. Pigeons were used to carry messages to cities far and wide. There was a race going on, so it was vitally important that crucial information arrived at its destination before something bad happened, and heck, let’s [...]

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