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The Fastest, Easiest Solar CRM

Give your sales team everything they need in one platform with Ricochet.

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The Fastest, Easiest Solar Sales CRM

Give your sales team everything they need in one platform with Ricochet CRM

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Maximize Contact & Closing Rates with the All-In-One Solar Sales Platform

As you build your business, you need a solar CRM solution that will help you grow (and grow with you). You want to maximize revenue, keep overhead low, and ensure that your field reps keep you informed of their progress. Ricochet CRM is a cloud-based software solution that gives you powerful tools to manage your leads, automate key processes and track your results. And you can customize Ricochet to suit your unique solar business requirements.


Ricochet by Speed to Contact

A powerful all-in-one solution for solar sales teams.

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Ricochet is an Enterprise-Class CRM for Solar Companies

Avoid the huge capital investment of on-site hardware and call center software. Ricochet’s cloud-based system is simple to deploy, fast, reliable and powerful. Ricochet is the all-in-one CRM software solution in the cloud.

Speed to Contact - Ricochet


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